Los Angeles County Department of Consumer & Business Affairs



Street Level Strategy (SLS) is the Hyperlocal Media and Outreach consultant for the Los Angeles Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA) programs and services funded by the American Rescue Plan Funds. As the primary consultant on this project, we aim to engage various LA County audiences and stakeholders on DCBA’s services and programs.


To date, some of the campaigns for the programs and services that our team has developed and executed include:


One of the main avenues to spread awareness is by creating a strategic communications strategy that aims to target the specific stakeholders for specific DCBA programs using the following mediums: ad buys in hyperlocal and ethnic media outlets, earned media, social media, and director outreach.  

A key component used throughout the different campaigns includes targeted outreach using the County’s equity index, ARDI, to reach the most vulnerable and under-resourced audiences. Our team uses the county’s data to ensure we are meeting audiences where they and reaching uses their modes of communication. 

Our team deploys direct outreach, organizational outreach, industry and stakeholder group outreach, earned media, paid media, paid social media, billboard ads, placement, and organic social media. Given the ever-changing audiences for these campaigns, our team heavily emphasizes data analytics to measure the campaign’s effectiveness – and to measure the campaign’s geographic reach throughout the county.


Covid Era Tenant Protections Update Project Highlights 

  • ·Directly contacted hundreds of landlords and dozens of industry organizations.
  • ·Achieved over 775,000 impressions and 6,000 direct link clicks through digital advertising
  • ·Hosted two successful webinars with interactive poll questions and Q&A sessions with approximately 300 unique attendees each
  • ·Achieved earned media ad placement in geotargeting hyper-local and ethnic media outlets
  • ·Produced Materials in 12 languages


Healthy Food Grants to CBOs Project Highlights 

  • ·Geo Targeted eligible areas to focus outreach
  • ·Purchased ad space in 6 different publications in English and Spanish across print and digital
  • ·Contacted over 50 local news outlets as part of an earned media campaign.


Mortgage Relief Project to “Mom-and-Pop” or Non-Corporate Landlords Highlights

  • ·Purchased ad space in over ten traditional, ethnic, and hyperlocal media outlets
  • ·Attended three different in-person events to engage with attendees and spread awareness of the Mortgage Relief Program
  • ·Created over 25 graphics and collateral for different print or digital mediums


Los Angeles County Minimum Wage Awareness Program Project Highlights

  • ·Designed graphics and collateral to be published in several languages
  • ·Purchased ad space in over ten traditional, ethnic, and hyperlocal media outlets
  • ·Strategically purchased physical placement ads (billboards, transit stations, electronic posters) in key zip codes across unincorporated Los Angeles County that have high rates of Minimum Wage violations