Case Studies

Yes on 19


Pat Dennis, President of Street Level Strategy, served as the campaign manager for Yes on Proposition 19 In 2020. Proposition 19 was a statewide ballot measure to provide property tax relief to seniors, severely disabled and families impacted by wildfires and other natural disasters. SLS was tasked with guiding Proposition 19 to victory in an electoral environment with competing tax measures on the ballot and a high level of voter anxiety over economic issues.


The campaign’s biggest challenges were avoiding voter confusion with another tax measure battle where tens of millions had been spent and using the campaign budget efficiently in an expensive media market with a large electorate. Ultimately, a communications strategy that relied heavily on micro-targeted messages that highlighted aspects of Prop 19 most persuasive to key audiences was a winning one. The foundation of SLS’s approach was the use of extensive opinion research voter modeling to craft messaging to highly specific audiences. This data guided digital, broadcast, and field communications.


Street Level helped guide Prop 19 to victory with 51% of the vote.