California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services



In 2023, California saw historic rain and snowfall that put communities across the state at high risk for flooding and other natural disasters. In an effort to better prepare, inform, and protect residents, especially those in high-risk areas and underserved rural communities, the Office of Emergency Services launched a direct outreach program consisting of live phone calls to residents in 11 counties. The primary objective of this program was to sign up individuals to receive emergency alerts in the event of a natural disaster as well as provide them information regarding resources and services they can access to stay safe.


Our team took a tailored messaging approach.  Each community received messaging that highlighted the potential challenges and opportunities within each county including specific weather and emergency concerns that residents have recently faced. Goals for the agents included assisting each household with a county alert profile set up, informing respondents around emergency preparedness and state services, and reassuring residents that their county and state officials care about their readiness for the next emergency.  Below are just a few examples of successful communication strategies:


Program dates: April 3 – June 27
Total Counties: 11
Total Phone Calls: 2,093,406
Total Conversations: 47,961
Total Sign Ups: 28,926